Defining Contemporary Art

When the present century has emerged, there are also new things that were born together with it. The category is already there but the genre or subgenre have increased. It is in the world of art that we will see how it is applied. There are already set styles of artworks in the previous centuries but the present century have also presented a different set of artworks that were then labeled as contemporary art. Many still ask what is contemporary art so we will try to understand using arts produced.

The age of contemporary arts has produced artworks that have been the subject of debate whether it is an art to be considered or it challenges previous artworks and views of artists and the whole world. The Rhine II that was a photograph taken and edited by Gursky, a German photographer. There have been different views on it as it was edited digitally and the simple scenery captured is somewhat to be labeled as a painting with attention to details.

The weather project was done in 2003 by the artists Olafur Eliasson. It is an orb that is put in one part of the building and with its big size, it provides illumination to the whole room. This also sparked views differing from each other. Another work is done by Rachel Harrison titles “Huffy Howler”. There are more artworks now that people do not seem to understand anymore what is art and what is not. Many say then that it depends on a person who express it and the audience who will view it.