Art and Architecture

If you will read the title of this page you will think of two things. One is that architecture is an art itself and the other is that architecture is not an art but a science. This is the two different things that also architects take sides as not all can give the conclusion to one. Even if there are others who officially recognized architecture as a science rather than art but many also view architecture as an art itself. Let us understand it more.

There are those who agree that architecture is a science because of the many things that have to be considered when you will build a structure whether small or big. You can design what it looks like on the outside and also inside appearance but there are other things you have to consider like weather, the location of the building, the materials used, The concern of architecture is to build a form that has a finished look that is according to the architect whether elegant or traditional or modern.

But more and more people are to the point that architecture is an art because people who design things draws inspiration to something to be able to make a building or structure like museums and theaters. They point that artistic abilities and artistic thinking are needed for those times. It is not just placing objects into the building that is considered as an art but also the design and its implementation. Architecture they say is a form of expression so it is an art.