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Finding art within architectural designs

For any seasoned architecture professional, they understand the emphasis on creating and using art within any structure they design and build.

Similarly, it’s often the great artists who quickly and easily understand the importance of architectural design and layout when analyzing buildings and other great works of art. Take a look at this short video about art and architecture with Andy Warhol and learn a bit about the emphasis and correlation between the two.

March 24, 2016, Architecture
How to protect valuable architecture and roofing during harsh winters

Winter can be long, cold, and harsh. This means that the structure you’re using for protection should hopefully be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In order to ensure that the house is warm, one should ensure that the exterior of the house is protected from the cold winter air. Here are some tips to protect the outside of your home in this cold period.

One, be sure to insulate your faucets that are outside with foam covers. This will keep them as dry as possible and will not allow cold air to directly contact them. This helps to prevent frozen and broken pipes during the winter. You can also open them once in a while and pass hot air to warm the water.

Next, ensure that your gutters are cleaned properly before winter. This will keep the ice from collecting in the gutters and causing damage. It is also imperative that you keep the drains clean and make certain they are not clogged as well. If you need help with this process, contact a licensed roofer in Illinois (or other cold area where your home is located).

Ice build-up on the roof is cause for alarm. As such, make sure that any things that would trap the snow on the roof are removed. The ice trapped on the roof often melts causing roof leaks, which will damage the house or cause mold in the attic due to water damage. You can also shovel the ice on the roof regularly to reduce the amount that is left on the roof. Again, with any of the issues with the exterior or roof of your home, you want to make sure to contact a trusted roofer if you have any questions or concerns with the process or the safety of your residence.

Since you will not need to be watering the grass, you should turn off the sprinkler system and check that the sprinklers are kept in good condition so that they will not be damaged by the extreme cold. This means that they should be coated with insulating foam to keep them from becoming too cold.

As for the water pipes that are outside the house, it is also important to ensure that the ice does not get in and accumulate inside the pipes. To avoid this, you can pass air through the pipes regularly to melt the ice and allow the pipes to stay open.

For the water hoses that are outside your home, you can either insulate them or keep them warm in the garage. You can place a thermostat in your garage and set it to a reasonable level to ensure that the hoses are kept warm. If there are any pipes that go through the garage, they will be kept warm by the warm air in the garage.

If your house has a chimney, ensure that it is cleaned properly and check that there is no ice that builds up on the sides as this could damage it as well. It is not uncommon for most people to have a back-up generator outside the house. If this is the case, you can ensure that it is kept in a wooden shed to prevent it from harsh weather elements as well.

March 26, 2016, Architecture