Problem Solving in Architecture

There could be many things people who are not architects would think about the course and the process. Many do not know that architecture involves problem-solving. Architects were given standards and criteria of a certain building to be made and some details were given and they are left to sort things out on how all could work together so that the project would be a success. Bringing altogether the resources and the manpower is not the only problem that architects should consider but also what it looks.

Others may think that architecture is just the process of designing something but it is more complex than that. They have to consider outside and internal forces that will affect the creation of the building. One of the things they should understand to have the solution is that they should know who is the person who would use the building and what is the purpose of the building. The need of the users in the building must be satisfied for it to be useful.

Architects should listen and understand the given situations and requirements so that they could find the solutions to the problem. Before construction, there are concerns that need to be addressed first. During construction, there could be requests of modifications and it is left to the architects to find a way to satisfy the request by thinking of solutions and doing it in the time frame that is given to them. Thus, architecture is not a simple problem-solving method.